Below is a List of Instructions for installing different products

Landscape Irrigation

How to connect your solenoid to a garden tap

 Hunter products installation guide

 Hunter Replacement Parts List

 Orbit products installation guide

 How to install a watering system

 Installing details

 Techline subsurface installation for lawns

 Techline subsurface design manual

High Efficiency MP Rotator Design Guide

Residential Sprinkler System Design Guide



 Filter types

 Filtration Principles design 

 Filtration Screen

 Disc Filter Maintenance

Micro Irrigation

  Drip Irrigation Made Simple - DIY Guide

 Drip Irrigation Principles

 Drip Planning Guide

 Flushing Laterals

 Irrigation design considerations for drip

 Maintenance drip fertigation water sampling

 Micro Irrigation System Maintenance Manual guidelines

 Micro Irrigation System Maintenance long version

 Micro Irrigation System Maintenance short version

 Preventitive maintenance guide

 Preventitive maintenance drip systems guide 


 Novakey Flow Chart

 PVC Pipe Installation 

 PVC Pipe Solvent Cementing

Farm Irrigation

 Installation Code of practice

Farm Water

 Stock water maintenence

 Water tank set up and treatment

Frost Systems

 Frost Booklet


 Cooling for Greenhouses

 Coolnet Recommendations


 Eflow Brochure

 Eflow Manual

 Parts list for Unibioline


 How to repair an impact sprinkler Head

 Impact sprinkler operation

 Impact sprinkler repair

 Impact trouble shooting guide

 irrigation code of practice

 Pressure testing procedure

 What is pressure compensating