Weathermatic SL-800 4-Zone Base Controller, Expandable to 8 zones (Indoor)

+ GST $140.00

Quick Overview


  • 4-zone base model, expandable to 8 zones using SLM2 2-zone hot-swappable modules (Indoor rated)

  • External transformer with plug and play barrel connector

  • Large LCD display

  • 2 run modes: Standard mode runs user input zone run times; Auto Adjustmode requires SLW Series On-Site Weather Station to calculate weather based run times

  • Rain/Freeze sensor bypass/active button displays sensor status with tricolor LEDs (red indicates sensor is prohibiting irrigation; orange indicates an extended rain delay green indicates normal operation)

  • 4 programs: A, B, C; program D can operate concurrently

  • 8 start times per program

  • Nonvolatile memory and real time clock/calendar to retain programs and current date and time – no battery required

  • Zone run times from 1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min. with operation countdown displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds

  • Watering day selections of custom days of the week, odd/even, or interval days (1 – 30 days)

  • Omit settings: omit time of day window, omit day(s) of week, and omit up to 7 calendar dates

  • Seasonal % adjust by program, by month for simple year round water budgeting (monthly percentages overridden in Auto Adjust mode)


Advanced Functions:

  • Diagnostic test function using on-board multi-meter displays transformer voltage; milliamp measurement for each zone

  • Fault review displays all faults, including open and shorted zones

  • Built-in valve locator function for locating hidden valves by simply listening for the audible chatter of the solenoid created by a unique electrical frequency (U.S. Patent No. 7,406,363)

  • Review menu displays accumulated ET deficits by zone (in inches) and corresponding zone run times for the next available watering day

  • Review menu displays maximum run time and minimum soak time used during Auto Adjust mode

  • Review menu displays temperature readings (daily high/low) for previous 5 days

  • Review menu accumulates total run times by zone from the last reset date

  • Rain delay of 1 – 7 days may be selected (to pause and automatically resume operation)

  • SLW Weather Station extended rain delay programmable from 0 – 99 hours

  • Run/Soak cycles allow setting of maximum run time and minimum soak time by program for use in Standard mode only

  • Zone-to-zone delay programmable for 1 min. - 3 hrs. to accommodate slow closing valves and recharging of water supply

  • Master valve timing sequence with zone-valve programmable by “On Delay” (1 sec. – 1 min.; 2 sec. default) and “Off Delay” (1 sec. – 3 min.; 5 sec. default) to allow for line fill and slow-closing valves

  • Master valve/pump start operation assignable On/Off by zone

  • Clear program function to selectively delete an individual program

  • Clear all function to delete all programs

  • Backtrack stored program feature allows contractor to easily store a default program and retrieve the saved program in the event a customer improperly reprograms the SL800

Auto Adjust Features:

  • ZIP Code input (5 digit) or Latitude input (±60° from EQUATOR) establish location of site for solar radiation calculation

  • Sprinkler type input allows selection for zone sprinkler type (SPRAY, ROTOR, DRIP, BUBBLER) with preset precipitation rate or specific input of the zone precipitation rate (.2 – 3.0" per hour)

  • Plant type input allows selection for zone plant type (COOL TURF, WARM TURF, SHRUBS, ANNUALS, TREES, NATIVE) with preset crop factors or specific input of the zone crop factor (10 – 300%)

  • Soil type input allows selection for the soil type (CLAY, SAND, LOAM) and slope (0 – 25°) for the purpose of automatically calculating a run/soak period to virtually eliminate run off

  • More/Less is settable by zone (-50% to +25%) for the purpose of fine tuning Auto Adjust run times to accommodate factors like shade, wind, and sprinkler inefficiencies

Manual Operation:

  • Manual zone operation of a single zone (1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min.)

  • Manual test runs each zone with zone run times from 10 sec. up to 10 min.

  • Push button manual start of a program from control panel


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