Skydrop Smart Irrigation Controller - WiFi Based

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Skydrop Irrigation Controller
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Skydrop Controller 8 Zone Expansion
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Skydrop Controller Outdoor Housing
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Quick Overview

Introducing the latest in smart controller technology Skydrop.


Skydrop connects to your home watering system and uses Wifi to gather data from local weather stations in order to accurately and adequately water up to 8 garden zones.

Your settings can be managed remotely via the Skydrop app, so no need to race home and shut off the automatic timer. Skydrop will act on weather predictions to ensure your garden is watered adequately, conserve water and save money.



smart watering controller


Skydrop has 8 built in zones, 2 Common Ports, a Hot Position (for testing) and Master Valve (optional).

The expansion module adds another 8 zones, plus input for an external sensor.

Easy to understand zone settings helps Skydrop water the right way with maximum conservation. There are settings for soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, shade, slope angle, and more.



  • Self Regulating Skydrop customizes watering based on your local weather, making sure your lawn & garden get exactly the water they need, across each individual zone.
  • Quick & Easy Install no special tools needed. Skydrop will connect to your existing sprinkler system wiring and location. Get up and running in minutes.
  • WiFi Connected Monitor and manage watering from your computer, tablet, smartphone or the controller itself. Anytime, anywhere you are in control.
  • Fault Detection Active connectivity link with each zone. If something goes wrong, Skydrop doesn’t use flashing LED’s for you to decipher. Skydrop will tell you on the LCD screen what’s happened, where and how to fix it.
  • Water Restrictions Lets you add any water restrictions into the schedule for worry-free watering.
  • 8 Zone Expansion Pack The control unit has 8 zones. In the event you change your landscape or need additional zones, you can add 9-16 zones using our expansion module.
  • Skydrop Housing The Skydrop Enclosure ensures your Skydrop will remain water and dust-free, no matter where it is installed.
    • Fits Back plate, Expansion and Controller
    • Dual electrical outlet inside (to be wired)
    • Keyed, locking latch prevents unauthorized access






Installation / Set-up Video:

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