Senninger Impact Sprinklers - 40 Series

Product Name Price Qty
Senninger Impact Sprinkler - 20mm Full Circle - 12°
+ GST $29.00
Senninger Impact Sprinkler - 20mm Full Circle - 23°
+ GST $29.00
Senninger Impact Sprinkler - 20mm Full Circle - 23° Dual Nozzle
+ GST $32.20
Senninger Impact Sprinkler - 20mm Full / Part Circle 23°
+ GST $48.25

Quick Overview

The 40 Series impacts are specifically designed for delivering maximum efficiency at intermediate flows between 3.82 to 12.6 gpm (868 to 2862 L/hr) for Senninger’s 3/4″ sprinklers.

The Senninger 40 series Part-Circle sprinkler is specifically designed for permitting adjustments to match the desired area of coverage. It is engineered to deliver maximum efficiency at low to moderate flow rates for agriculture, nurseries, effluent disposal, dust suppression, and industrial applications.



The 40 Series full-circle impacts are designed for maximum efficiency at intermediate flows.

  • Wide range of nozzle and vane combinations for excellent distribution at all design pressures
  • Built-in hex wrench for easy in-the-field maintenance
  • Two trajectories available:
    12° – ideal for under-tree irrigation
    23° – maximum throw on overhead systems
  • 23º model available with double nozzle


Part Circle impacts distribute water in a 60° to 360° adjustable pattern in 5° increments. These sprinklers work best with low flows between 2.42 to 16.1 gpm (550 to 3657 L/hr).

  • Easily convertible to full-circle operation
  • Covered reversing mechanism
  • 23° nozzle trajectory for maximum radius of throw