Plasson Quick Coupler Valve & Key

Product Name Price Qty
Plasson Quick Coupling Valve 25mm BSPM
+ GST $23.18
Plasson Quick Coupling Key 20mm BSPM
+ GST $8.63
Plasson Plastic Quick Coupling Valve 20mm BSPM
+ GST $23.18

Quick Overview

The Plasson Quick Coupler Valve & Riser is perfect for portable watering systems or can be installed on in-ground systems as well. When the male riser is snapped into the female valve - it opens the valve. When removed, it closes the valve, making it a very simple and reliable valve.



  • Fast and easy to connect and disconnect a water line.
  • Put Quick Coupler Valves at every spot you wish to plug in to an outlet
  • Attach a Coupler Key to each of your outlets.
  • Coupler Key locks into the Quick Coupler Valve.
  • Plugging the Coupler Key into the Coupler Valve starts water instantly with no waste.
  • When Coupler Key is removed, the water stops immediately, no spilling.
  • Use in pressure cold water systems only.
  • Not for use in freezing conditions.