Hunter XC Hybrid Battery Controller Indoor/Outdoor

Product Name Price Qty
Hunter XC Hybrid 6 Zone Battery Controller Indoor/Outdoor
+ GST $266.50
Hunter XC Hybrid 12 Zone Battery Controller Indoor/Outdoor
+ GST $370.50
XC hybrid Solar Panel - incl. 12m wire, 9V charging cell
+ GST $245.01

Quick Overview

Forget following that winding trail to find an accessible outlet. Hunter Industries’ new XC Hybrid Controller brings you the power without the plug.

With all the great water management features of the XC Controller, the new XC Hybrid operates DC latching solenoids with battery power.

Ready for outdoor or indoor installation, the XC Hybrid comes in 6 and 12 station models, meaning it is your solution for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Small residential areas, parks, gardens, roadway medians and roundabouts are ready for the XC Hybrid. Presenting Hunter. Unplugged.


XC Hybrid Battery Controller

Power Source:
6 AA batteries (XC), 6 C batteries (XC Stainless), or 24 VAC (optional)
Operates DC Latching Solenoids only
3 programs, A, B, C

Start times:
4 per day, per program for up to 12 daily starts

Station run time:
0 minutes to 4 hours in 1 minute increments

Day schedule:
7-day calendar true odd/even programming with 365-day calendar clock, or interval watering (up to 31 days) AM/PM or 24 hour clock option

Automated chronological ordering of start times/start time stacking
One-button manual start and advance

Seasonal adjust: 10% to 150%

Transformer output: 11 VDC Station output: 0.56 A

  • Electronic short circuit detection
  • Programmable delay between stations
  • Rain sensor bypass switch compatible with micro-switch based sensors, displays when sensor is active
  • Programmable sensor input by station

Easy Retrieve Memory:

  • original program can be saved in non-volatile memory and retrieved later if needed
  • Programmable rain delay from 1 to 7 days
  • Programmable event day off allows specific day(s) to be designated as always “off”
  • Hunter Quick Check™ helps troubleshoot field wiring issues
  • Test program feature allows for quick system checks
  • UL Listed/CE Approved


XC Hybrid Solar Panel


Hunter Solar Panel, a new accessory for the Node and XC Hybrid battery operated controller families. The Solar Panel provides maintenance-free operation by harnessing the sun’s energy to power the controller 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years on end.

Adding the Solar Panel accessory to either the Node or the XC Hybrid controllers is an easy process that can be done quickly by any installer. Once connected, the Solar Panel supplies 100% of the controllers’ power, and eliminates the alkaline batteries. This “eco-innovations” alternative is more environmentally friendly and allows for maintenance-free operation of the controller



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