Hansen Male Tank Fitting Black

Product Name Price Qty
15mm Male Tank Fitting Black
+ GST $3.37
20mm Male Tank Fitting Black
+ GST $4.47
25mm Male Tank Fitting Black
+ GST $4.87
32mm Male Tank Fitting Black
+ GST $6.36
40mm Male Tank Fitting Black
+ GST $7.92
50mm Male Tank Fitting Black
+ GST $10.62

Quick Overview


Used for connecting Low Density Polythene Pipe (LDPE), Flexible Pipe & Hose. Push on hose and use a hose clip to hold hose on. Used in tanks and in hulls on boats.



  • Designed for use in tanks, troughs and a wide variety of marine applications.
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon giving a weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance
  • Material Approved for use with Potable (drinkable) Water making them ideally suited to a broad range of rural & domestic applications
  • An extensive range of fittings in sizes 15mm to 100mm (1/2” to 4”)
  • Precision Heavy Duty Tapered Threads give a Strong Reliable Seal
  • Material is strong enough to minimise potential cross threading
  • Fittings provide flexibility and versatility for new and existing installations, saving on time and money
  • All materials are fully resistant to salt water making them ideally suited to marine applications.


Fitting SizeMaximum Pressure Rating at 20°C
15mm - 50mm 16 Bar (1600 KPA. 235 PSI)




How To:



Remove the Back Nut and the Low Density Poly Washer (the firmer of the 2 washers) from the Tank Fitting Body. Slide the Tank Fitting Body through the hole in the tank. The Rubber Washer must be between the Fitting Body Flange and the tank wall (ensure the ribs on the Rubber Washer are sealing against the tank wall).




On the inside of the tank wall, slide the Low Density Poly Washer back onto the Tank Fitting Body and then wind on the Back Nut.




Tighten the Back Nut so that the face of both washers make full contact with the tank wall to obtain a water tight seal. Ensure that you comply with the tank manufacturers specifications




When adding additional fittings it is recommended that either a thread sealing paste or thread sealing tape be used on all threaded connections. We recommend Ceelon Thread Tape

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