Female Threaded Elbow

Product Name Price Qty
Female Threaded Elbow - 13mm Barb x 15mm BSPF
+ GST $1.97
Female Threaded Elbow - 19mm Barb x 15mm BSPF
+ GST $1.81
Female Threaded Elbow - 19mm Barb x 20mm BSPF
+ GST $2.93
Female Threaded Elbow - 25mm Barb x 15mm BSPF
+ GST $1.92
Female Threaded Elbow - 25mm Barb x 20mm BSPF
+ GST $3.46

Quick Overview

Antelco Female Threaded Elbows for connecting a male thread with Poly Pipe or Hose at a 90° angle.

Material: Polyethylene.
Connects: Low density polyethylene pipe / hose.

Polypropylene fittings designed to control, disperse, slow and divert water through a low pressure irrigation system. Used in conjunction with low pressure poly tubing.



Home gardens, landscaping and professionally installed irrigation systems.


  • Tapered entry on all barbed fittings for ease of installation.
  • Range includes common Australian and International tube sizes.
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.


Antelco Corporation was established in 1989 in Florida USA and serves the North American, Canadian and Mexican markets. More recently, Antelco UK Limited was established in Bedfordshire UK, to better meet the needs of the UK and European markets.

The success of Antelco is due to the experienced, dedicated staff that includes the Research and Development team. Experienced engineers and product developers, with a wealth of knowledge on plastics materials and the tooling and manufacturing process, create quality and cost effective micro irrigation products. The products undergo rigorous field testing so that any faults or imperfections can be designed out, resulting in a fault-free, quality product worthy of the Antelco name.



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