About Us

We are a supplier of products, we supply the bits and pieces that you need to put your irrigation or water system together. Our primary job is to make sure you receive quality products at great prices, secondly we also supply you with the technical advice and system planning to ensure that you get the system you want.
We are passionate about serving our customers and stand behind all our products with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If there are products you require for your irrigation or water system and they are not on the website please let us know and we will price these for you as well.

Our Services

Technical advice
We can help you with any question you may have regarding irrigation and water systems.
Your questions could be about:
Troubleshooting with your existing system
How to use and get the most out of your irrigation system
How to plan your system 
Product performance and what would suit your situation

We can help with
Choosing the right product for the right job.
Full project pricing, if you have a large project we will price the products for you which may reduce the price depending on the size of the project.
If there are products that are not on the website that you would like pricing for we can help with that to, we are continually adding products to the site.
Full system design with computer aided design is available, $150 + GST refundable if you purchase the product through us. Any advice you may need including any details on installation is free of charge.


We do our very best to ensure our customers are happy

Below are some unsolicited comments from satisfied customers:

"Thanks for the awesome quick way you handled our order. We have recieved it this morning and it is very much appreciated. You will hear from us [again] soon."
Leon - July 2018

"The timer arrived safely yesterday (Wednesday) - Great Service - Thank You!"
Robert - April 2018

"I know the order is small and hardly worth the time you spent answering all of my queries but I really do appreciate your efforts."
Ron - April 2018

"Thanks for all your help. As usual, you guys are always very helpful!"
Mark - March 2018

"Thanks so much for your quick response."
Pat - March 2018

"Amazing delivery times and service. I give you 5/5. You do awesome work; thank you."
Noa - February 2018

"Thank you very much for your prompt dispatch and delivery of my order."
Michelle - February 2018

"Wow so comprehensive!"
Marius - January 2018

"A big THANK YOU, I popped down to Mulgan St before to find my order all ready to go, a whole day early. I will be cracking on early tomorrow with the job."
Adam - January 2018

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I plan to contune using Irrigation Express for any future irrigation requirements we have here."
Jonathan - January 2018

"Thank you for your fast shipment and delivery, Excellent communication and fast service."
Glen - January 2018

"I really appreciate the work of the two Daves! Many thanks for your personal communications and for your design skills."
Tom - January 2018

"Thank you. Much appreciated Dave, excellent service!"
Peter - December 2017

"Very pleased with the system."
Rober - December 2017

"Thanks Dave , and thanks for the awesome servce - have a Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year!"
Matt - December 2017

"Thanks Dave, I have tried tape, loxeal 18-10, rector seal, the manifold nipples with medium density connectors, all with no joy. Can't believe a $12 tube of white seal plus was all I nedded in the first place, brilliant product. I am back to my low pressure hansen connections and not a dribble to be seen. Very happy chappy. Cheers."
Calum - December 2017

"I have installed the new dripperline (for fuschias) and microtube with drippers to pots (orchids) and after 4 days the dog has yet to chew any! So far so good. Thanks for the kit. Brilliant."
Peter - December 2017

"Thank you for [your] very prompt response to my little order. The pavers around the tap are now dry, just what I wanted/"
Brian - December 2017

"Thank you so much, you are legends. Much appreciated."
Lyn - November 2017

"Thank you very much for the service..."
Sunny - November 2017

"Thank you for your great service!"
Lyn - November 2017

"Many thanks for the good service."
Peter - November 2017

"We got the timer this morning less than 24 hours after having ordered it, this is fantastic service, thanks so much."
Wendy - November 2017 

"The Jimten fittings are the best of them all. Better than the other brands available. They are easy to install and I have never had one fail."
Wally Alexandra - October 2017

"The setup for Pauanui worked a treat. I split the plan to do 2 lots of 6 pop-ups. And it all woirked perfectly. Thanks for your assistance getting this sorted."
Martin - October 2017

"Thanks very much for your super quick delivery."
Mike - September 2017

"Brilliant help. The website is great too. The videos really help show why you've recommended certain parts."
Colin - September 2017

"System worked great."
Chris - August 2017

"Just to let you know, the order(s) arrived this moring. Thank you so much for getting them to us so promptly... very much appreciated!"
Lyn - July 2017

"Just a quick note of thanks for your excellent service, recieved the ordered 80mm gate valve today [order dispatched the previous day] from the courier, and we are rural...well done."
Steve - July 2017

"Your company has come highly recommended to us. We are planning on platning out a few acres with truffle infected trees and iirigation will be required during the summer months."
Kylie - July 2017

"Thanks for the prompt delivery." 
Norm - February 2017

"Thank you, Irrigation Express has a great website, and you have a prompt serivce."
Marco - January 2017

"Thanks for shipping over the holiday period, it really helped us do some urgent repairs before we flooded out too many trees!"
Brian - January 2017

"Can we open an account? as we are impressed with your service."
Craig - December 2016

"The order has arrived and is looking good, thanks again for your help."
Robert - December 2016

"Excellent service, thank you."
Brandon - December 2016

"...great service - thanks very much it arrived this morning - fantastic - thanks once again - Janet."
Janet - November 2016

"I have recieved and installed the new valves. They are working perfectly. Thans very much for your prompt service."
Grant - November 2016

"Very happy with Irrigation Express and our dealings...I trust you [guys]."
Al - November 2016

"Thanks very much for your extremely prompt service."
Grant - November 2016

"The goods arrived the very next day after I ordered them, very impressive. Thanks for the prompt delivery and excellent service."
Peter - October 2016 

"Was a pleasure dealing with your company. Easy and good communications."
Murrary - October 2016

"I found you online and spoke yesterday on the phone to a very helpful guy as I had questions re some of your products/"
Nathan - September 2016

"Thanks so much for your help with this. I really appreciate it."
Greg - September 2016

"I've had the [sprinkler] system installed and working for a while now. All is going well thanks and the coverage is great from those nice little sprinklers."
Dom - September 2016

"Great service as always."
Tony - August 2016

"You guys are the kind of supplier I like to deal with. Appreciate the great service."
Zan - August 2016

"Great service, many thanks."
Grahame - August 2016

"Thanks Steph, that's really appreciated. And thanks too for the great service, I'm impressed. The new sprinkler area works beautifully!"
Peter - August 2016

"I am very pleased with the sprinklers. I had purchased 3 of the same sprinklers from you a couple of years ago so now have enough to cover quite an area of lawn!"
Keith - July 2016

"Much appreiate your outstanding services."
Po'uli 'Etu - June 2016

"Thank you for the prompt service and, I am very happy with the product too."
Singa - June 2016

"I appreciate the good service, the very easy to use website and the very competitive pricing."
Geoff - March 2016

"Thanks, I recieved it [order] and it's working great. Many thanks."
Tony - October 2015

"Excellent service."
Danny - January 2015

"Fantastic- thanks Dave- apperciate the fantastic prmpt service"
Jason - November 2014

"Thank you for your excellent service and ensuring that doing business with your company has been easy and stress free."
Euan - September 2014

"Thanks -recieved -good service"
Peter - May 2014

"I would just like to say I've been impressed by the friendliness and patence of your responses throughout."
Graeme - April 2014

"I can happily say that the irrigation you hepled me with has worked wonders!"
Andrea - March 2014

"Great website/selection prices/service, I will be back!"
Steve - March 2014

"Loving the stuff have got from you guys already - really awesome stuff!"
Tyron - December 2013

"I have to say that the Orbit irrigation controllers are very good. I have been really frustrated with the junk that is normally available and have now settled on the orbit for all the future installations around our property.
It has always amazed me how most irrigation control manufacturers fail to understand that at some point in time these things are going to get wet!
My wife says that its the first controller we have bought that she can actually understand and setup by her self. I appreciate the prompt and efficent service."

Tony - November 2013

"Good as gold – The unit is excellent as is the service!
Thanks very much and have a great weekend"
Mike Barnett - November 2013

"You guys are great and good prices. Thanks again for your help."
Jane - 2013

"Have just tested the sprinkler and am pleased to report it works great – better than I expected. I’m going to get a second one for the back garden. My days of buying every sprinkler Mitre10 ever sell are over!!
Jim - October 2013

"I have delt with your company in the past with the Orbit timers – and the service was excellent.

"Thanks very much. Awesome service once again."

"The order arrived safely on Friday morning. Everything correct as per list. Thank you to you and your team. I will be sending you a new order in the near future."
Tony Morgan 

"The courier delivered this morning; many thanks for your help and I much appreciate your prompt communication, and all round good service."

"Thank you for the sprinklers and great service"

"Thanks for the link and your advice this morning regarding the stuck open valve. The chamber behind the diaphragm did have some fragments of rust in it which appears to have been the problem. A useful learning curve.

"All good, thanks for the excellent service and competitive prices, could have saved a lot more on my project if I found your site earlier. Never mind, have a great day."

"Timer arrived thanks. Good service,

"Thank you for the advice, info and excellent service, much appreciated"

"I have enjoyed putting my new system together and have been impressed with the quality and ease of use of the Jimten products. I still have a way to go but progress is good and I am confident that my system will be improved significantly as a result of the upgrade.
So far so good and I haven’t needed your help with anything yet but I have been impressed with your service so far.
I have a couple of neighbours who are soon to do some irrigation projects that I have referred to your website. One will be adding a lot of K-line systems to make use of a new dam that is being installed and who is also part owner of a cherry orchard. I hope they will make use of your services in the near future.
Keep up the good work."

"Thanks very much for your assistance in sorting this out - really appreciated. It's your type of service that keeps people like me coming back for repeat orders. Keep it up."

"I much appreciated your expertise and assistance today.. Very many thanks."

"Excellent Service - thanks very much"

"Thanks for your help and service"

"Thank you so much for your professionalism, I recieved my parcel two days ago"

"Thanks, great service!"

"Thank you very much for very effecient processing of my order"

"Recieved the sprinklers on Saturday mourning, all installed and running. My thanks to the team at Irrigation Express for their assistance with this matter"

"Order arrived yesterday all good. Thanks, great service."

"Thanks for all your help. The system is working well and I will be a lot more effecient with the next one I do."


"Thanks again, and look how nice the grass turned out thanks to the new sprinklers."

"Cheers my order just arrived, great service."

"Customers were so happy with the last order they wish to extend the work onto their front lawn."

"That is awesome, thank you. Your service has been top notch! I will no doubt be making further orders with you in the future."

"Thank you for your prompt service."

"Thanks again for my order, and I'll certainly recommend you guys and use you again in the future should I have any other plumbing requirements."

"Many thanks for your excellent service." 

"Just some feedback from down here in Rangiora that might make you smile. Your pricing and service is not popular with the local guys trying to charge too much! Thanks for your help"  

"I got the irrigation finished just as it went dry last summer. Once it was done it all worked very well and we had a great lawn and healthy garden through what was a very dry summer and autumn. Overall we are very happy with the system, thank you for all your help and patience."

"I am soon to start a new house build and plan to install an irrigation system, covering the whole yard, I have used your products in the past and found them to be of good quality and easy to work with."

"I have the irrigation system working perfectly! I am very impressed with it."

"Thanks for all your assistance it is sincerely appreciated and I continue to use Irrigation Express due to the service and advice I recieve from your wider team."

"It is nice to deal with honest upfront people."


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