20mm - 40mm Filtmaster Disc Filters

Product Name Price Qty
20mm Filtmaster Disc Filter
+ GST $38.99
25mm Filtmaster Disc Filter
+ GST $38.99
32mm Filtmaster Disc Filter
+ GST $75.20
40mm Filtmaster Disc Filter
+ GST $75.20

Quick Overview

Our filters have been designed from the start to offer an extended time of operation without cleaning, using a constant hole dimension in real microns which limit the sludge deposits inside the discs, the design of the baffle crown deflector in filters with hydrocyclonic effect which causes an spiral water movement inside the filter which makes particles in suspension to remain on the outer part of the discs without depositing inside them.

Sold standard with 130 micron cartidge



Disc Filtering

  • Replacement Discs for the 20mm and 25mm filters are available
  • 10 bar nominal pressure rating
  • Polypropylene discs designed with accuracy in mind to ensure flow is filtered with micron accuracy downstream
  • Comes standard with 130 micron cartridge, other micron sizes available on request
  • Discs mounted on a polypropylene frame
  • Multiple disc screens for filtering smaller particles


The unique design of the discs
guarantees a real filtering in microns,
constant in all the filtering process.

Headloss charts (clean water conditions):



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